Romero Rodrigues

Co-Founder, CEO and President of BuscaPé.com Inc.

He founded the company in 1998.  

Romero led the company to obtain 2 initial rounds of investments and to its profitability by September 2002.

Besides managing the company through the bubble, Romero has successfully led BuscaPé to a third round of investments in 2005.The original investors sold profitably their shares to GHP (Great Hill Partners - USA)  interested in backing BuscaPé further expansion and growth, under Romero’s leadership

BuscaPé became and is the absolute leader in Shopping Comparison in Latin America. More than 15 million unique visitors per month browse BuscaPé sites, through over 11 million products, displayed by more than 53,000 listed suppliers. Besides Brazil, BuscaPé has properties operating fully in Mexico, Argentina, and Chile and soon in Colombia and Peru.  

Rodrigues is graduated in Electric Engineering, major in Computing by the Polytechnic School of University of São Paulo.

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